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Ride-Ons & Pull Along Toys

Pull along toys are extremely beneficial to development of your child. Make the first steps easy with his/her new friends. They will follow your toddler everywhere, improveing the motor coordination.

Mickey Plane Ride-On Toy
34.99 $
Perfect gift for the baby and the parents
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy
49.99 $ 36.94 $
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Drumming Bear Push Toy
29.99 $ 21.75 $
Plan Toys Excavator
60.00 $
Fisher-Price Amazing Animals Sing and Go Choo-Choo
130.89 $
Plan Toys Dancing Alligator
20.99 $ 18.06 $
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Happy Hippo Pull Toy
19.99 $ 15.62 $
Hasbro Playskool Busy Ball Popper
28.99 $ 25.01 $
Perfect gift for the baby and the parents
Plan Toys City Series Parking Garage
99.99 $ 69.61 $
Perfect gift for the baby and the parents
PlanToys Large Scale Scooter
179.99 $ 162.00 $
Perfect gift for the baby and the parents
Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Bat & Wobble Penguin
19.99 $ 17.99 $
Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug
59.99 $ 58.00 $
Melissa & Doug Stacking Train
16.99 $ 16.49 $
Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Frolicking Frog Pull Toy
19.99 $ 15.60 $
Fisher Price Classic Pull Toy: Chatter Telephone
14.99 $ 12.59 $
PlanToys Pull-Along Zebra
20.99 $ 16.12 $
TrendyKid Trunki
49.99 $
Walker Wagon with Blocks
40.00 $ 29.16 $
Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug
69.99 $ 58.06 $

Pull Along Toys And Toddler Development

Pul along toys

Young children learn and develop through their everyday play activities. They gain social skills, develop cognitive thinking, and even learn language skills during normal childhood play. Toys have always been an important part of childhood and there are some classic playthings that still entertain, amuse, and educate children across the world. Delightful pull along toys are one of those classics that provide hours of developmentally appropriate play to children during several stages of growth.

Pull along toys are available in many designs and a number of styles. The most durable pull alongs are made of wood, like the very first models, but they can also be found made of plastic now. These toys are commonly modeled after animals, like dogs, ducks, or even crocodiles. Pull along toys may also be cars, trains, or other familiar objects. The toy typically has a string attached to the front and a set of sturdy wheels along the bottom. Pull along toys are designed to roll behind children as they play.

Early toddlers just learning to walk may still be too unstable to pull a toy as they toddle and may learn to walk better with a push toy. Until they master their new strides, they can still enjoy exploring the movement of pushing a pull along toy as they sit or crawl. Toddlers will develop fine motor skills by making the toy move with their hands. As she discovers a number of different ways to make the toy move, she will enhance her thinking skills as well.

By about 18 months, most children can walk fairly well and may even be starting to run. Pull along toys are a lot of fun at this age. Your little one will laugh with delight to see her little yellow duck waddling along behind her! Watch your child closely as she plays with her pull along toys at this age. Her desire to run may cause injuries if there are too many obstacles in her way.

Between two and three years of age, children are growing quickly and their large muscle skills are developing just as fast. Two year olds love to run and jump and their language skills are beginning to emerge. Pull along toys are extremely beneficial to development at this age. Your child may experiment with several different ways of pulling the toy, including walking backwards or hopping. She may also begin to pretend play with her favorite pull alongs, making believe the toy is her pet, her baby, or her friend.

Children will typically outgrow their pull along toys sometime during their preschool years, but many preschoolers still enjoy these classic toys. Preschoolers love to use their imagination in play. Pretend and make believe is a part of almost every activity at this age. Preschoolers are also becoming very social and love to play with their friends. The last games your child will play with her pull along toys will most likely involve her friends and their toys as well. They may hold races between their favorites or pretend to walk their pets through the park. No matter how your child decides to play with her pull along toys, they are sure to provide years of educational play.

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