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Adorable Doll Clothes and Doll Accessories - Baby doll clothes catalog of high quality and best-buy doll products for your newborn baby, infant or toddler.

Seahorse Pajamas and Slippers. Fits American Girl Doll and Other 18
19.99 $
Christmas Time Outfit - Designed to Fit 15
14.99 $ 10.99 $
Calin's Additional Outfits
19.99 $
Corolle Classic Baby Doll 14-inch Fashion Apricot Set
22.99 $ 20.50 $
Manhattan Toy Snuggleriffic Set for Groovy Girls
11.99 $
American Girl Bitty Baby
69.95 $
North American Bear Company Rosy Cheeks Big Sister Shirt & Jeans Set
15.00 $
5.99 $
Corolle Denim Overalls Set, fits 12 inch baby dolls
19.99 $ 18.15 $
Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls Fashions Splashy Starlet
11.99 $
Toysmith Doll Care Set
19.99 $ 16.25 $
Corolle Classic Doll - Dolly Tina
19.99 $ 18.99 $
American Girl Bitty Baby Birthday Tea Set
129.98 $
White Jacket/Jumper 2009 Adora doll outfit
24.00 $
Play Date Cargo Outfit for Karito Kids
30.00 $
Corolle Mon Premier 12-inch Fashions Pink Dress Set
19.99 $ 19.70 $
North American Bear Company Rosy Cheeks Baby Beach Outfit Set
25.00 $ 24.21 $
Corolle Les Cheries Doll Cathy - 13
33.99 $
Black Heart Mini Jumper, Top, and Pink Striped Tights. Fits 18
15.99 $
Manhattan Toy Groovy Girls Fashions Stellar by Starlight
11.99 $ 9.78 $
Melissa and Doug Princess Elise and Maggie Leigh Magnetic Dress-Up Bundle
26.99 $
Corolle Les Cheries Doll Cécile - 13
44.99 $ 40.89 $
Corolle Classic Doll 14-inch Fashion Nightgown Set
29.99 $
Berenguer Baby Doll 13
24.50 $
Winter Wonderland Outfit - Designed to Fit 15
14.99 $ 12.99 $
Zen Vibe Yoga outfit for Karito Kids
35.00 $
Corolle Baby Meal Set
29.95 $
12-Inch Tall Vinyl Doll Wearing Pink Dress: Mitzi by The Ashton-Drake Galleries
99.99 $
Corolle Les Cheries 13-inch Fashion Pink Coat Set
24.95 $
Barbie On Location - Barcelona
34.99 $
Pink Corduroy Jacket/Jumper 2009 Adora doll outfit
21.00 $
Corolle Mon Premier 12-inch Fashions Housewear Set
19.99 $ 16.00 $
American Girl Bitty Baby Jumper & Bath Robe Outfit
98.99 $
American Girl Bitty Twins
98.95 $
Girl - Blonde/Blue Purple Dress
95.00 $
White Floral Sandals. Fits 18
6.49 $
Dora Dress And Style Fashions Birthday Party
24.89 $
RETIRED RARE Christening Gown 2008 Adora doll outfit
30.00 $
Pink Princess Outfit - Designed to Fit 15
14.99 $ 10.99 $
Turquoise Garden Clogs. Fits 18
7.99 $

Care and Cleaning of Baby Doll Clothes and Costumes

baby doll clothes

They say that clothes make the person, and this is true with newborn dolls, too! So, let's talk about the care of your dolls' wardrobe of clothes and costumes.

  • If your doll has washable clothes, gather them together and put them in a mesh bag before tossing in the most gentle cycle of your clothes washer. This keeps the seams from fraying and keeps the clothes together.
  • After the wash machine turns off, lay the baby doll clothes out and smooth out wrinkles as much as possible. While still damp press with the tip of a clothes iron. Then let each little outfit fully dry.
  • To store doll clothes that are for future occasions lay each outfit between white tissue paper or bubble wrap. Or if you have a doll wardrobe, (a little closet made of wood or sturdy cardboard) hang each outfit up on its own doll clothes hanger.

Caring for doll outfits is a fun way for a child to learn to care for their own fine washable clothing, too! Now, some costumes may not be washable, so these are best reserved for your dolls displayed in cabinets with glass doors that keep out dust. If you have a washable costume that has beads, you could take the time to snip off the beads and restring them to reattach after washing the costume.

When making or buying baby doll clothes for a special child's doll it is best to check the labels to see if they are washable, because, being kids, the outfit will need cleaning sooner or later!

Charity Note by article author Susan Kramer:
I'd like to suggest that if you spend time making baby doll clothes, anyway, that you collect a few dolls from friends and neighbors and sew a wardrobe or a complete outfit for each doll. Then donate the doll in the completed outfit to a charity that distributes used dolls and toys to kids that otherwise would not have any. When I was a little girl, nothing brightened up my face more than my mother making me a new outfit for my doll.

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