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As the curly-haired mother to a curly-haired little girl I am always in the market for a good detangler. Living in New York City I knew all about Cozy’s Cuts for Kids (a chain of hair salons specifically for children) but had never tested out their line of hair care products, So Cozy Hair Care for Children. I tried the Detangler from So Cozy and immediately gave it a thumbs up. I was able to spray it on my daughter’s hair while it was dry (it can be used on wet hair too, of course) which I have never been able to do before with any product. We also tried the 2-in-1 Shampoo (detangler plus shampoo) which we enjoyed as well but because my daughter’s hair gets so knotty by the end of the day I still had to use the detangler afterward. Children with straight hair could probably use the product on its own. Aside from being chock full of all the kinds of things you want for a hair product (moisturizers and such to make sure your locks stay soft and frizz-free), the So Cozy products are also deliciously fruity-smelling and paraben-free. These are two products that will be making a regular rotation during

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So Cozy Starter Kit
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So Cozy Tropical Fruit 2 in 1 Conditioning Shampoo 32oz
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