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Prince Lionheart

ur story began humbly in 1973, when we crafted handmade rocking horses in our garage. Over the years, we've grown along with the children who used those rocking horses. Now adults, they are having kids of their own and we're happy to share the joy of parenthood with them and millions of other families worldwide. Our products are designed in part by our customers. We hear your concerns, and we implement your ideas. We listen. That is our commitment to you. We've moved out of the garage but, after three decades of innovation, we are proud Prince Lionheart is still family owned. In this, our anniversary year, we celebrate family - yours and ours.

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Prince Lionheart Products Catalog

Prince Lionheart washPOD
21.99 24.50
Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug
69.99 58.06
Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug
59.99 58.00
On-the-Go Bottle Warmer
23.99 23.99