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The new Anka by Svan line is the product of the inspired collaboration between Brenda Berg's company, Scandinavian Child, and the pioneering designers Anders Fallman and Kjell Hagstrom, creators of the Svan product line. Scandinavian Child's philosophy is "designs without compromise". From this foundation, Brenda Berg set forth with the intention to make Svan's innovative style, based on functionality, safety, and design, more affordable. Nearly a year in the making, Anka by Svan emerges as the premiere brand accessible to families who appreciate top style and expect top value.

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Anka Products Catalog

Scandinavian Child Anka Convertible High Chair
179.00 179.00
Scandinavian Child Svan Convertible High Chair
259.00 259.00
Svan Youth Chair Finish: Mahogany
199.90 199.90