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Quinny Zapp Twine is a unique new buggy style for parents who dare to be different. The entwined seat structure, set against a sleek mat black frame and wrapped in a stylish matching travel bag, distinguishes the Quinny Zapp Twine from any other buggy around. This material has never before been used for buggies. The woven nylon has a cool anti-heat finish and moulds to the childs body for added comfort. Last but not least, it's very easy to keep clean. With the Quinny Zapp Twine, it feels good to be different.

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Quinny Zapp 4-Wheel Stroller Red Crimson
219.99 196.79
Quinny Buzz 3 Complete Collection - Black
669.95 669.95
Quinny 2009 Buzz 3 (Apple) Travel System
798.98 798.98