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Stephen and I have been truly blessed, blessed in our family, our friends, and the ability to truly live our passions. I’ve always loved children, I love the trust that children possess, I love their optimism, their natural creativity and their ability to completely live in the moment. Children breathe magic in every moment. We began Bratt Décor in 1995 when I was pregnant with our first child, Sebastian. Stephen had his own business as a commercial illustrator, and was enjoying great success. I was a marketing director for a local architectural firm, and we were delirious with the anticipation and excitement that your first child brings. Somewhere around the second trimester we began looking for a crib for the nursery. The crib was the main piece, from which everything else would develop in this sacred space. I put a lot of emphasis on this crib and of course, nothing was good enough. Finally, my sweet, loving, talented husband could take it no longer. He designed the perfect crib. It was everything I wanted; sophisticated, elegant, a combination of the two of us. It was black wrought iron, four poster, topped with ostrich feathers. We called in Casablanca Plume. The hormones were raging, and I was crazy enough to believe that there were certainly other moms out there just as I was, struggling, who would definitely benefit from our challenge. So, I upset our little delicate balance, and began Bratt Décor. Since then, we’ve grown, changed, and learned so much. Stephen works full time designing, creating, manufacturing, and giving us our place. I do sales, marketing, and vision. Our boys, Sebastian and Raiff, do product testing, and of course, have tons of design input. It’s all a true labor of love for all of us. We are so fortunate to be able to come to work everyday and really create something from our heart. We thank you for stopping by and wish all things wonderful as you explore for your own little one.

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Bratt Decor Venetian Iron Crib Color: Antique White
966.00 966.00
Bratt Decor Chelsea Sleigh Crib Buttermilk
1452.00 1452.00