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Moby® Wrap, Inc. was created by two mothers in search of the perfect baby carrier. After extensive research, including the sampling of countless slings and wraps, their solution was a variation of a time-tested European carrier. Wherever they went, they would be approached by people wanting one, and it wasn't long before the constant demand put the two moms in the supply business. Using the softest of cotton fabrics, the Moby® Wrap (mother and baby) is by far the most comfortable baby carrier available today. It distributes weight evenly from parent's shoulders to hips and aligns baby's center of gravity as close to the parent's body as possible. Headquartered in Chico, CA the Moby® Wrap products can be found in stores world-wide.

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Moby Wrap Products Catalog

Mobi MobiCam Audio Video Baby Monitoring System
149.95 79.77
Moby Wrap Original 100% Cotton Solid Baby Carrier
39.95 39.95
Moby Wrap Baby Carrier-Moss
56.00 39.94