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Silly Monkey

"Silly Monkey" is in his pajamas and ready for bed. The only problem? "Silly Monkey" and his friend want to play! This mischievous pair are always finding new ways of getting into trouble. Soon the duo will tire themselves out and there will be "no more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

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Silly Monkey Products Catalog

Purple Ugg-Type Boots. Fits 18
7.99 7.99
White Floral Sandals. Fits 18
6.49 6.49
5.99 5.99
Turquoise Garden Clogs. Fits 18
7.99 7.99
Seahorse Pajamas and Slippers. Fits American Girl Doll and Other 18
19.99 19.99
Black Heart Mini Jumper, Top, and Pink Striped Tights. Fits 18
15.99 15.99