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Ashton Drake Galleries produced nearly exact replicas of the 5 original Kenners in 2005-2006, along with replicas based on the original Kenner outfits. There were, however, noticeable differences in the face mold, in which the first release reproductions had skin-tones with a slight green tint, eye holes are wider, and the colours of the make-up quite vibrant. A second release of 5 more reproductions in 2007 showed a significant change in skin tone, less green and more peach-pink. Both releases do not have the Takara "shine" on their faces.

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Ashton Drake Products Catalog

12-Inch Tall Vinyl Doll Wearing Pink Dress: Mitzi by The Ashton-Drake Galleries
99.99 99.99
32-Inch Tall Collectible Girl Doll: Sprinkled In Pixie Dust Doll by The Ashton-Drake Galleries
199.00 199.00
Lifelike Moving Baby Doll Wearing Disney Princess Character Dress: Always Dreams by The Ashton-Drake
149.99 149.99
Wooden St. Nicholas Doll: Santa Decoration by The Ashton-Drake Galleries
899.99 899.99