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GA Entertainment is a leading manufacturer of children's toys and family entertainment products. The company was founded by a quintessential entrepreneur in 1997 and is reputed to be turning over in excess of $2bn. MGA Entertainment is a private company that exists in lots of different categories and is not just a toy company. However, MGA Entertainment is definitely best known for the huge success of the Bratz Dolls. Since their introduction in 2001, they have taken the world by storm and have been able to appeal to 'tween' girls – something which competitors Mattel have been trying to do for years. The Bratz' popularity has grown from strength to strength and new lines such as Bratz Babyz and Lil Bratz have been launched with just as much success. MGA Entertainment has even managed to give Barbie a run for her money, after her 40-year reign of the doll market. The dolls war between Barbie and Bratz continues, Barbie finally has some competition in the market! MGA Entertainment's innovative products have also earned them numerous awards.

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MGA Entertainment Products Catalog

Shrek Laugh With Me Baby Girl
24.99 24.99
MGA Zapf Creation Snuggly Chou Chou 19
34.99 29.99
Shrek Laugh With Me Baby Boy
24.99 24.99
MGA Zapf Creation Baby Born, Mommy Look I Can Swim Doll
45.99 45.99