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Since its inception, Sootheze has been dedicated to designing, marketing and distributing products that provide soothing relief and comfort for aches and pains. This mission is fulfilled with products that deliver heat, cold, and aromatherapy and that make the delivery fun. Sootheze was started in a one-car garage in 1995 by a massage therapy student and her husband. The original products were the Hot & Cold Therapy Pads and the Buckwheat Hull Pillows. In 1998, the first Toasty Bear was introduced, and the success of this product established the company as a leader in the heat, cold, and aroma therapy industry. Four years later, the Christine James Home Comfort Collection line was added, creating a comprehensive line of home therapy and spa products.

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Sooth-Eze Toasty Sea Turtle 1 ea
19.95 17.95
Toasty Honey Bear
42.00 38.95