Baby Brand - Jane


Barcelona, 1932, the son of Ramón Jané Caúm, Manel Jané Vidal, changed the focus of the business when his son was born. “If you’re such a good locksmith, if you have so many ideas for others, prove that you also have them for your son.” Encouraged by his father, Manel Jané accepted the challenge and, after just a few days, baby Ramón went out on wheels, in an unnamed pram but one for which Manel Jané felt extremely proud. The admiration that it caused among friends and neighbours encouraged him to build a couple of pushchairs, which even folded up, and he showed them to one of Barcelona’s department stores. The first orders followed a week later. JANÉ began to manufacture folding pushchairs for children. In 2001, Ramón Jané Cabagnero died and was succeeded by Manel Jané Santamaría. The philosophy of innovation and research was given form in 2003 with the JANÉ CRASH TEST RESEARCH CENTER, the only private test laboratory in Spain for child safety research. It was equipped according to ECE Regulations and recently adapted and prepared to carry out high speed tests, in accordance with the EURO-NCAP test protocol. In 2004, the premises were restructured ready for an immediate future as international leader; a new design and image for the offices and reception area and robotisation of the warehouse with the clear aim of achieving maximum flexibility in the national and international logistics organisation. In 2004, as a result of R+D+I at the CRASH TEST RESEARCH CENTER, the “Indy Plus” appeared, a safety seat with an adjustable inclining back and adapted to the car isofix fastening system. A 1, 2 and 3 multi-group seat with an adjusting system for headrest width and the lumbar region, with an aluminium structure that withstands twisting with a capacity greater than 70% compared to traditional systems.

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