Baby Brand - Air-O-Swiss


AIR-O-SWISS Purifiers and Humidifiers from PLASTON – Our Advanced Air Treatment Systems optimizes your indoor air through proper humidification and air purification. PLASTON develops and manufactures technologically advanced air treatment systems, such as ultrasonic humidifiers, air washers, air purifiers and evaporator humidifiers with exclusive functional design providing healthy room air. We have set new market standards with our digital Ultrasonic Humidifiers – AOS 7135 & AOS 7142. Our AIR-O-SWISS 2055D Air Washer (Humidifier & Purifier) is the only airwasher equipped with digital controls. Swiss design and innovation allows us to introduce safe products such as our Ionic Silver Stick (ISS) and environmentally friendly products like our refillable DMC and eco-friendly EZCal Humidifier Cleaner and Descaler. AIROSWISS innovations like our new Travel Ultrasonic AOS 7146 and Evaporative Humidifier AOS E2441, a recipient of the red dot Design award, are reason to trust AIR O SWISS – Improving Your Quality of Life!

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