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All Tots in Mind products are safety tested and designed for convenience. Our newest products include the Crib Tent II, Newborn's Soft Surround, and Baby's Bug Net for Carriages and Strollers. The existing Tots in Mind product line includes our patented Original Cozy Crib Tent, Cozy Portable Playard Tent Plus Cabana kit, our versatile Baby's Bug Net System (the two piece insect proofing system), and Baby's all-in-one Portable Pouch. When it comes to the safety of your infant or toddler, we understand your needs. For information regarding retail stores or dealers who carry our products please visit our Retail Locations page or click here to receive an information package and structured pricing. If you are a representative of a retail store or distributor and are interested in receiving more information about Tots in Mind, please contact us to speak to a representative.

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Tots In Mind Cozy Portable Playard Tent plus Cabana Kit 1 White
69.99 48.76
Tots In Mind Cozy Crib Tent II 1 White
69.99 64.00