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The phrase "Helping Mom is Our Business" is not just part of our logo — it says what our company is all about. Our business grew out of a typical family environment where we experienced the same issues as most parents trying to raise their children: Too many problems ... not enough solutions. We got into this business for this very reason and have maintained the same focus since 1986 — finding innovative product solutions to everyday problems. We dedicate ourselves and our product selections to this philosophy. Over the years this dedication has rewarded us with numerous industry awards from our peers. More importantly, you, our retail partners, have shown your support for the product value and profitability we have provided while your customers also benefit from our superior design qualities and our user-friendly products. It is our commitment to you that we will continue to be the premier supplier of Product Solutions with innovative designs that truly satisfy both consumer demand as well as retailer profitability. We hope you will always like our approach to business and continue to give us your support and friendship.

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Mommy's Helper Products Catalog

Mommy's Helper Safer Grip Portable Shower Arm
14.99 14.22
Mommy's Helper Safer Grip 11.5
16.99 14.14
Mommy's Helper Toilet Seat Lid-Lok
7.99 7.06
Mommy's Helper Kid Keeper
8.95 8.95