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Elegant Baby makes gift giving for babies easy and fun. New moms love that Elegant Baby products are both practical and functional; we love the affordability of these nicely packaged, high-end baby accessories and gifts. Shop with peace of mind knowing that Elegant Baby has been assisting mommies and kids since 1967. We hope the baby medical kit can also ease new parents worries by keeping everything where it should be for the inevitable panic at baby's first cut or scrape. We know all you foodies will appreciate the timesaving 'baby on the go' mealtime kit, a perfectly packaged bag with everything needed to get that baby food where it's supposed to go (hint: not on the floor of the restaurant). Also, don't forget to check out the themed bath squirties - a lifesaver for bath time. You'll wonder how you ever got along without Elegant Baby.

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Elegant Baby Wooden Blocks
30.00 23.21
Elegant Baby Wooden Blocks
35.18 35.18
Elegant Baby 8 Piece Bath Squirties Gift Set in Vinyl Zip Bag - Animal
14.00 11.08