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I dedicate this website to my grandmother, Mom (1898-1999), who taught me how to sew. As a girl, I visited Mom every summer. We bought stacks of fabric and concocted our visions with zest, enthusiasm and joy. Here at i play.® we engage in product development with that same enthusiasm. We listen to our customers' needs and integrate their input into i play.® products. I developed a taste for "extraordinary" features in Japanese babywear when I had my first daughter, Emi, in Japan. Upon returning to the United States and having my second daughter, Mari, I started i play.® as an import-mail order company in my sewing room in 1982. We now sell to retailers with a specialty market and have an international distribution. Mom had integrity and a sense of "do right"--she was simple and unpretentious. It is in this spirit that we serve you--giving you the best and satisfying your needs. i play.® is now an international manufacturer of extraordinary babywear-something different, something special, something more than ordinary for your baby. i play.® produces baby products (Newborn to Toddler) that have fun, colorful designs. Healthy, safe and convenient features, consistent and durable quality give you more value for your money.

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I-Play Products Catalog

iPlay Electronic Baby Grand Piano
124.99 109.97
iPlay Strike-A-Chord Violin
21.99 16.95
Iplay Scrub-A-Dub Doggie Cocker Spaniel
29.99 28.26