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These are the people who bring the quality to your baby's beehind. Our very special manufacturers are a family owned business based in China. Our factory is leading the way in providing ethically focused garment manufacture- their focus is on providing excellent quality textile garments whilst maintaining ethics in the workplace. For those who are concerned about the manufacture of textile items in Asia (in our opinion, this is a very important issue), you'll be pleased to know that Baby BeeHinds only supports the fair trade industry. We're proud to support a company who looks after their employees by offering fantastic workplace benefits and higher than average wages. Whilst no textile items can officially be certified 'FairTrade' (just not possible at present), all Baby BeeHinds items are produced via the means of fair trade. Our item costs are higher than what they otherwise could be....but then, so is our integrity. We like to ensure that our products are manufactured in an ethically sound manner each step of the way.

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Baby BeeHinds One Size Hemp Fitted Cloth Diaper 12 Pack
246.00 246.00
Baby BeeHinds One Size Bamboo Fitted Cloth Diaper Natural 6 Pack
129.00 129.00