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Enough care should be exercised while lifting a Moses basket. The proper way to hold a Moses basket is to hold it from the handle from one hand and placing the other hand under the basket for support.

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Baby car seats and Moses baskets are two most important accessories that a modern mother needs. These two products enable a mother to take care of the baby along with her busy lifestyle in the modern day world.
Baby car seats and Moses baskets are the two equipments which should be chosen and used with great care.

While choosing the right car seat for your baby, his age and weight should ideally be the prime considerations. It is noteworthy that baby car seats are mostly manufactured in Europe. The sizes are kept as per European standards and size recommendations. These baby car seat sizes can be confusing for buyers in other countries like India. Therefore the buyer should try the baby car seat before actually investing in it.

The best advantage of a baby car seat is that you can move your baby in and out of the car without disturbing him. The only thing that should be kept in mind in this process is that the baby car seat should be fitted properly when it is replaced. The baby should not be made to sleep in a car seat for long hours as most baby car seats leave your baby squashed up. Staying in a baby car seat for long hours can hurt your baby’s spine.

On the other hand, a Moses basket helps to carry the baby from one area to another without much discomfort. A Moses basket is designed in such a way that it gives the baby maximum comfort even when he is traveling. A lot of care should be exercised while placing a Moses basket. It should be set on the floor safely at a place which is away from doors, stairs or drapes. A Moses basket should never be kept on a table or any other piece of furniture. Floor is the ideal place to keep the baby safe in a Moses basket. A baby should ideally be never left unattended while he is laying or sleeping in Moses basket. A Moses basket is no safer for kids who are able to sit up without assistance. Also, a baby should be laid in the centre of a Moses basket.

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